Dance 10 Theatre School

Dance and performing arts classes for children and adults

Our classes include:

Classical Ballet*

Modern Jazz*




Musical Theatre (open to registered and non registered students Sept 2018)


BTDA qualifications are OFQUAL and GQAL regulated qualifications with UCAS points available to used from grade 6 and vocational levels for university entry.

We use the following grading systems:

Special baby awards



Introduction to Grade 1

Dance grades 1-8 in Classical Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre & Acrobatics. These exams are OFQUAL regulated.

Grade 1-5 plus Diploma in Choreography & Modelling and Musical Theatre.

We can also run a special needs syllabus.

Vocational exams and classes up to Diploma in three core subjects* for dance college entry and teaching qualifications. These exams are OFQUAL and UCAS regulated.

Our Competition class is open to all registered students taking a minimum of the three core subjects with us.

BTDA is the only musical theatre programme of study to be recognised by OFQUAL and GQAL